Vintage Photographs

I inherited some wonderful vintage photographs from my mother, some more than 100 years old. I have enhanced them digitally, but the plain photographs are also available.


Marriage Photo FLW 1111 grrde

The Marriage Portrait



Vintage rockframe FLW 4444jobj.jpg

Grandfather with his Children



Vintage LetterPic FLW 1100 gnbg.jpg

Grandmother and her Sister


Bridesmaids FLW 20067 jkkjjhh




Girls Growing Up FLW 22002.jpg

Remember When



LoisDoorVintage FLW 68686959 gjbodd

Bobby Sox



LoisEurope FLW 2882 dwwsyy.jpg

The European Trip



LoisO FLW e45tgbh788ib.jpg

The Prom Dress


Aunt&kids FLW 34984587 qwpoweoieriu

The Pink Dress