The Tree Series

Leafless trees in winter can be beautiful against backgrounds that convey moods, weather or place. These photographs where created using multiple layers, generating patinas and abstract scenery. Combine several of these abstract works as a wall art collage.

Tree at Night FLW 343434 ghgtgt

Tree at Night



Trees in Twilight FLW

Trees in Twilight


Trees in Sunset FLW

Trees at Sunset



Tree in Storm


TreeScene FLW 51816

The Poplars




Poplars in Winter



Poplar Stand, Night


TreeScene FLW1005 tbszd

Black Trees


Blossoms FLW 32152 dswqq

Trees in Bloom


Blossoms FLW 3215 gnthcf




Pattern FLW 2553 fvfvchzz

City Tree


TreeRustScene FLW 4444444 bbbbbbbbccd.jpg

Dark Mood


Trees Abstract FLW tgbn67891

Green Tree


Trees Abstract FLW tgbn6789 grnn

Green Tree II


Abstract Trees FLW 5432 gbvfrr

Trees in Ice


Abstract Trees FLW 5432 gbvfvcy




Trees in Forest FLW 3399 gvnbxx

Moss Tree


YellowLavTrees FLW 2214 gbvn

Sycamore Spring


BrightMoss Tree FLW 7448 kopy23

Spring Tree



Abstract Mesh FLW 3665 gbvfxz

Winter White



Grasses RTree FLW 3010 pitrw.jpg

Dark Tree



Nature Abstract FLW 19779 treebran.jpg

Golden Tree



Nature Abstract FLW 19779 treewhte.jpg

Golden Tree II


Memory Tree FLW 3887 datiff.jpg

Memory Tree


SunsetTree FLW 6006 gklks.jpg

Trees, Birds at Sunset


Trees in Forest FLW 3399 gvnbhi

Forest Tree


Pattern FLW 5225 gopww

Trees and Gold


TreesScene FLW 5667 jnhgb.jpg

Art Deco


BlueGreyTree FLW 10098 dplmnb.jpg

Grey Day


Chinese Treewalk FLW 44234 ftrff

Along the Chinese Walk


GoldenTree FLW 200876 kjhnb

Golden Tree III


RedSunsetTree FLW 300676 yhngbfww.jpg

Red Sunset Tree


TreeSeries FLW 4545454 gbgbgh.jpg

Blue Trees


TreeBranches FLW 3456 kjuhh.jpg

Tree Branches


TreeWalk FLW 455656 jiuytt.jpg

Painted Tree


SantaFeTreesB FLW 345567655 ffghjhg23.jpg

Tropical Trees


SantaFeTreesC FLW 345567655 ffghjhvbbv.jpg

Trees on the Mountaintop


PalmmTreeee FLW 30049586 fjgheurooasdasq.jpg

Palm Tree



TreeScene FLW 97632 kjytgbcxzyyy.jpg

Birds at Sunset



TreeRustScene FLW 4444444 bbbbbbbbccd.jpg

Trees in Twilight



PalmTree FLW 333233 5yhnjikgbas.jpg

Palm Tree II


TreeSeries FLW 097632 2tgtghqsqst.jpg

Orange Sunset



TreeRustScene FLW 4444444 bbbbbbbbccd.jpg

Trees in the Wind