Nature in Abstract

Below are nature photographs abstracted in combination with photos of varying textures. See also The Tree Series gallery for a unique collection of abstract photographs featuring trees against varying backgrounds that convey different moods and place.



Abalone FL FLW ddtyou454511.jpg

Abalone Mystery




RockCOmp FLW  4086 thhgff.jpg

Dusty Miller


Nature Leaves FLW

Sunshine on Fall Leaves



WinterLeaves FLW inversion3.jpg

Winter Leaves



DustyMiller FLW 2203.jpg

Dusty Miller I


Leaves Winter FLW 4667

Dusty Miller II


Abstract Rust and Leaves FLW 4680 qetug.jpg

Abstract, Rust and Barberry


Dusty Abstract FLW 1357 zcbmb.jpg

Dusty Abstract


Succulents FLW 9933 wwddw

Hens & Chicks


Rocks&Grass FLW 3967



PlantUrban Abstract FLW 5454 zxyquaa.jpg

Spring Leaves


Reflections & SpiderWeb FLW 33333

Pines I


Reflections & SpiderWeb FL 3498

Pines II


STonePlant FLW 322345 tgbcv.jpg

Abstract, Succulents



Palms FLW 237887 jklgh4




PlantUrban Abstract FLW 5454 zxyqsst

Aloe Green


Agave FLW 23459 dfd

Aloe Blue


MeshAbstract FLW 3057 fbcgh.jpg



PlantRocks FLW 22218dfdfe.jpg

Rocky Plants


Hens&Chicks FLW 2222 fddff.jpg

Hens & Chicks


Winter Leaves FLW 1331 dwwdc.jpg

Winter Leaves


Juniper FLW 35799 hfsax



Viburnum Stripe2 FLW 3220 vibbz.jpg

Viburnum I


LeavesCollage FLW 21109 gurtd.jpg

Leaves, Yellow and Green


Abstract Barberry FLW 6806 ljgds.jpg

Abstract Barberry


BrushTreeCOlle FLW 44667 cbbcy.jpg

Brush Blossoms


Garden Collage FLW 4007 gosqa.jpg

Garden Collage


Coprosma FLW 5887.jpg



Leaves & Stones FLW 35790 vbgn.jpg

Leaves & Stones


DustyMiller FLW 304957 ghfdl;s.jpg

Dusty Miller White


Hens&Chicks FLW 10019 dbbdvc.jpg

Bold Hens


Viburnum FLW 3221 vibes.jpg

Viburnum II


RockClose FLW 15511 wrrwwrqs.jpg

Trail Rock


BrushTreeSea FLW 446677 cbxyz.jpg

Succulent Mix



Through the Pink Grate


GrassesAbstract FLW qwerwer 5564.jpg

Deer Grass by the Lake



Grasses Rock FLW 3009 thnf.jpg

Blue Grass


Leafy FL 3200 pklmgg.jpg



PinkBrushTree FLW 34098745 bvcoposde.jpg

Pink Brush Tree


BrushTree FLW 10120120 qwpoeeroiyyyt.jpg

Blue Leaves, Pink Brush Flowers


DewAbstract FLW 34309lkdsoi45kndfew.jpg

Dew, Rosemary


DustyMillerVT FLW dffdd 399999999s.jpg

Dusty Miller Blues


WaterDrops FLW 34455665 bnghhjythy.jpg














































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