La Fleur Abstrait

Flowers are a photographer’s ideal subject because of their color and variety. The photographs below take advantage of those attributes by enhancing their color and backgrounds and combining the images with complementary texture.


AbstraitFleur FLW

Le Fleur Bleu



Fleur Mirage FLW 2210

La Fleur Rose



Yellow Flowers FLW 2117

La Fleur Jaune



YellowFlowersB FLW 2077.jpg

La Fleur Jaune II



OrangeRose FLW 51816.jpg

Rose Orange



Cabbage FLW 51816

Ornamental Cabbage


Blue Daisies FLW 2397 .jpg

Blue Daisies



Orange FLowers FLW 22123 fghjtd.jpg

Orange Blooming



Orchids FLW 6038 fdpbzq.jpg



RockCOmp FLW 4086thhgfvu.jpg

Yellow Flowers


Lilies FLW 4664 grrgs



Abstract Flowers FL 40078 hjboc

Cistus Rockrose


FlowerAbstract FLW 3057 fbcffc

Pink Bells


Flowergrate FLW tytyt676766.jpg

Hi Pinky



Flower Collage FLW 344443 tgbrfvedc

Mesmerize Me



Orchids FLW 494949494 fgrfgfgf

Orchids and Lace


Orange Lilies FLW 34343 vbvbvvb.jpg

Orange Blooms

























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