Below are photos of faces–faces of family, faces of stone, some in abstract.


Zoe RW FLW 4545

Youth, Beauty


Faces of Stone 6851 prowfrew.jpg

Angel Face



Faces of Stone 8663ccddeeff

Lion’s Head


Faces of Stone FLW 4321 rewpoikjh

Doorknocker, Rome



Faces of Stone FL9873 vfdcfvgbyz.jpg

Garden Boy



Faces of Stone FLW 670954 gbfrigghbgt.jpg

Statue, Paris




GoddessLyre FLW 2211 vvccvvzz.jpg

God of the Lyre


Faces of Stone 268899 ff.jpg

The Little Reader



GoddessFleur FLW 4545454545454dv.jpg

Goddess of Flowers


Sleeping Angel FLW 48804 kloytttyi.jpg

Sleeping Angel



BritishGirl FLW 309763 gbfvdvcsxxyy.jpg

Sleeping Boy, Girl at the Fountain




Cellist FLW 30973790 gbhnjmnop.jpg

Cellist, Ashland




DANCERSS FLW 5t6y7u8i9op.jpg

Chinese Dancers